Birch plywood «UPG» — wood product composed of glued together two or more sheets of peeled veneers. Plywood is formed from several sheets of birch veneers with mutually perpendicular arrangement of wood fibers in adjacent sheets. Bonding is carried out with synthetic thermosetting adhesives, finishing surface by grinding belts grain 125–150 microns.
In the manufacture of plywood we use northern birch growing including the Arctic Circle. The short northern summers and cold winters provide a higher density of wood, which allows us to produce a product with high strength in combination with a multilayer structure of our plywood has high physical and mechanical characteristics.
To manufacture products that require elastic properties of the product, such as hockey sticks or some exercise equipment and accessories, as well as in the manufacture of furniture, where you want to show the exterior features we are releasing a special plywood grain long all or part of the inner layers.
The advantages of birch plywood include increased moisture resistance, beautiful decorative appearance, strength, lightness, and ability to use it with other materials.
Birch plywood is used in various industrial sectors: construction, furniture, transport, parking — and shipbuilding as well as many others.

Grades of birch plywood

Export grade B / BB — pronounced «three Class B» and corresponds in accordance with GOST 3916.1–96 class I/II. It is characterized by the presence of the ideal side «B» and the second side of «BB» with a small amount of repaired knot inlays of birch veneer, matched the color of the entire veneer surface of the. This variety is the main ornamental varieties for the production of the external elements of furniture, decoration and other products which require visible exterior properties of the product secreted by a variety of transparencies and matting of varnishes, as well as a variety of paints.


Export grade BB/BB — pronounced «two grade B» corresponds to GOST 3916.1–96 grade II/II. It is a decorative variety for production of various furniture elements, internal and external, combine the need for exterior and physico-mechanical properties. The most frequently used for various products with subsequent application of paints or colored transparent paint. The high surface quality make BB/BB grade at primary coating veneer of expensive wood and lamination of special films.


Export grade BB / CP, pronounced «BBCP grade» corresponds to GOST 3916.1–96 grade II / III. This is the main decorative variety for production of various furniture elements, internal and external, combining the need for exterior and physico-mechanical properties. The most frequently used for various products, followed by applying clear varnishes or paints with unilateral colored decoration products. The most common grade of BB / CP is used in the manufacture of partial visibility, where BB is still visible side and the side of CP is a joining side or closed by internal elements of furniture. Grade BB / CP — versatile product that allows you to combine price and quality benefits of using the most basic physical and mechanical properties of plywood and decorative.


Export grade BB / C, pronounced «Class BBC», corresponds to GOST 3916.1–96 grade II / IV. It is a decorative variety for the production of a variety of furniture and construction elements, external and internal, combining the need for exterior and physico-mechanical properties. The most common grade of BB / C is used in the manufacture of partial and indirect visibility, where BB side may be temporarily visible, and the side with a joining side or completely hidden inside the furniture elements. The main segment of application in interior decoration grade BB / C is its use as a basis for parquet and other floor coverings. The building is used as a decorative element for the installation of various structures, scaffolding, fences and decks.


Export grade CP/CP, pronounced «CP grade» corresponds to GOST 3916.1–96 class III / III. This is a basic grade for the production of various products for later cover plastics, wood veneer of various species of wood, laminate different phenolic and melamine films. The furniture industry is used to the production of domestic furniture elements and various frames. The interior decoration of the premises as a basis under the parquet, laminate flooring and a variety of floor coverings. The building is used as a disposable formwork.


Export grade CP/C, pronounced «TSPTS grade» corresponds to GOST 3916.1–96 class III/IV. This is the basic variety, using primarily the physical and mechanical properties of plywood in the manufacture of internal structural elements of furniture, cable industry, with interior decoration as a basis under the parquet, laminate flooring and various floor coverings. The building is used as a disposable formwork, planks and various structural elements.


Export grade C, pronounced «C grade» corresponds to GOST 3916.1–96 grade IV/IV. Available usually not sanded. Decorating properties characterized by having fallen knots and a minor amount of edge cracks. It is the universal grade for all the benefits physical and mechanical features in the manufacture of plywood structural components of the packaging industry, the cable industry, construction and furniture industry.

Major defects


Plywood is made in a wide range of sizes. Plywood 1525*1525 mm is often called «square» or 5*5 (size in feet). Plywood is the size of 1525*3050 mm (5*10 feet), 1220*2440 mm (4*8 feet) and other large lengths called «large-format».





In agreement with the customer is possible to produce special sizes and thicknesses.


We produce birch plywood mark EXT and INT, using most advanced ecological developments in glue manufacturing. Use of macromolecular organic components in glue allows plywood panels to have high level of moisture and weather resistance, which allows use in finished products for shipbuilding and open air applications.Glue for plywood of INT mark provides plywood water-resistant for use in the furniture and decoration of the interior of buildings and structures. Dosing equipment in combination with modern modifiers in the adhesive composition ensures optimal and precise distribution of glue in the plywood, which also makes it possible to use the panels in children’s furniture production and for interior application. Due to presence of organic binding components the product complies with Russian and international regulations for formaldehyde emissions ( class E - 1 and E - 0.5 ), which is certified by leading Russian, European and American institutions in the industry. Annually our technological departments are taking part in ecological safety conferences of resins and wood based panels for obtaining first hand experience in increasing ecological standards of our production

Physical and mechanical properties

  • Shear strength after conditioning in cold water
    -min 1.5 MPa
  • strength limit in tension along the fibers
    -min 40 MPa
  • Strength limit at static bending
  • Along fibers of outer layers
    -min 55 MPa
  • -across the fibers of outer layers
    -min 15 MPa
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Birch plywood is packed in bundles of 40cm height. ‘‘UPG’’ produce is supplied by rail, road and water transport to any location in Russian Federation and worldwide. Due to cooperation with leading transport companies, deliveries are accomplished within the specified time range.

Specialists of the company developed the optimum scheme delivery and loading of transport, which can speed up product delivery deadlines and avoid unnecessary transportation costs.

The format, mm Automobile transport Railway transport Container shipping
bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3 bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3 bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3
1220*2440 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1525*1525 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
2440*1220 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
2500*1250 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1500*3000 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1525*3050 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -


‘’ UPG ‘’ birch plywood produce is popular amongst furniture manufacturers and builders for a long time due to its aesthetic appearance and lightweight. Birch plywood for furniture production and interior application has high ecological rating, is distinguished with beautiful texture, high quality finish and ease of processing. These distinguishing qualities have ensured its use in furniture production, including children’s furniture, interior application as finishing and construction material. Other physical and mechanical qualities of ‘’ UPG ‘’ plywood are valued in construction and mechanical engineering.

Application in building and construction

Water resistant type plywood EXT is used in building and construction for sandwich panels, wall covering, foundation underneath the floor, roof covering, also for wall constructions in rooms.

Fields of application:

  • Construction formwork, structural work beams for monolithic construction

  • Panel fencing of construction sites

  • Garden houses

  • Improved internal finish of buildings and houses, construction of individual project (arches, suspended ceiling, room dividers, wall finishing’s)

  • Vertical panels of large constructions, stadiums, railway stations etc.

  • Sports grounds, arena seating, basketball boards, ice rink ramps

  • Stands and exhibition constructions

  • Road signs, billboards and fences

  • Large door facings.

  • Interior dividers, wall and ceiling panels, unfinished flooring

  • Loading platforms and storage shelving

  • Agricultural buildings

  • Warehouses

Application in furniture production

‘’ UPG ‘’ plywood is widely used in production of items for children. These products are constantly being tested under Russian and foreign institutions, which is certified by certificates and expert conclusions. High quality plywood provides perfectly smooth, pleasant and warm surfaces. Strong plywood veneer easily takes the shape in production of the toys for children for developing logic and coordination of children.

Furniture made of plywood is durable, and has an elevated level of water resistance.

Fields of application:

  • Freestanding and soft furniture framework. Fitted kitchens and children’s furniture.

  • Walls and floors of boxes, racking, slats for beds and sofas, countertops.

  • Furniture framework and facades

  • Office furniture, school furniture, seating

  • Bathroom furniture

  • Playground equipment, children’s slides and toys