Laminated Plywood (other names: plywood for construction formwork, construction, formwork, layered pressed), the basis of which is a birch plywood increased water resistance, glued to the phenol-formaldehyde adhesives, lined on both sides with a special phenolic film. Laminated surface plate prevents moisture penetration, has a high resistance to abrasion, chemicals and fungus formation.

The ends of the plywood stained waterproof acrylic paint, which protects the plywood against swelling and deformation in contact with moisture (rain, resulting concrete jelly).

The laminated plywood — a structural material with high physical-mechanical properties largely exceeding the standard plywood (shear strength, bending elasticity modulus, bending strength).

A wide range of different kinds of strength and the film surface shades (smooth, mesh, the HEXA, paper coated) allows to expand the boundaries of the application of laminated plywood.

Grade film faced plywood

Full list of varieties
      1 F 2 F    3 F 
1 FW
2 FW 
     СР 1 F/СР 2 F/СР
3 F/СР 
2 FW/СР 
1 F/С 2 F/С 
3 F/С 
1 FW/С 
2 FW/С    

Grade 1 Ch type of surface «smooth», is the most widely used in the monolithic construction. Rugged and durable laminated plywood serves as material for the shuttering forms. The film is based on formaldehyde resin protects the surface from moisture and corrosive compounds, can withstand abrasion. Laminated plywood has low thermal conductivity, which, combined with its consumer characteristics, making it an excellent material for formwork.

Thus, formwork plywood can be reused, practically any operating conditions. It is used in the construction of foundations, columns, slabs, walls, and bridges and tunnels. In addition, by using laminated plywood carried out farm buildings, fences, warehouses, commercial equipment, billboards, walls.


Grade ½ Ch type of surface «smooth», used in the monolithic construction formwork walls, columns, slabs, foundations, which is mainly used high quality laminated surface side first grade.
The proper use and storage of products from plywood will significantly extend their service life.


Grade 1/3 ch type of surface «smooth» is used as permanent formwork and foundations in suburban low-rise housing to reduce the cost of construction costs.


Grade 1 hl / Set the type of «smooth» surface on one side and «embossed» («net») on the other, which provides high adhesion (figure stsepkosti). Used in transport engineering, wagon and shipbuilding. High strength, resistance to the environment, resistance to wear and at the same time lower weight of the material allow its use in the manufacture of car bodies, doors, floors trucks, vans, trailers, buses and trolley buses, containers, trailers. Plywood is indispensable in the manufacture of railway cars, decoration of yachts, boats and other vessels.

This material is made pedestrian bridges, storage and factory floors rooms, loading docks, ramps, scaffolding, collapsible design stages, podiums and other building components reusable, used for applying decorative materials (eg plaster).


Grade 1 HEXA type of surface «smooth» on one side and «diamond mesh» on the other, it is water-resistant laminated plywood with non-slip protective coating texture «HEXA», which provides high adhesion (figure stsepkosti), resistant to abrasion and moisture.
Used in transport engineering and shipbuilding & nbsp; to create a skin salons trucks, manufacturing front doors of the trailer van wall, flooring and other elements used on floors in boats, boats, yachts, which require high surface adhesion.


The density of the film increases the life of the product and the stability of
to aggressive effects of the environment, and chemical elements.

Film density:
120 g/m2
220 g/m2
240 g/m2
440 g/m2
Color film
Major defects


Laminated plywood is produced in a wide range of sizes: 1220*2440 мм, 1250*2500 мм, 1525*2400 мм, 1500*3000 мм, 1525*3050 мм, 1500*3300 мм.
Plywood is the size of 1525*3050 mm (5×10 feet), 1220*2440 mm (4*8 feet) and other large lengths called «large-format». Large format allows you to reduce the number of connecting joints (compared with a square plywood 1525h1525) that allows you to improve the efficiency in the construction of high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, construction of bridges and tunnels





In agreement with the customer is possible to produce special sizes and thicknesses.


We use the most advanced environmental developments in the manufacture of laminated plywood WBP mark. Using glue on the basis of phenol-formaldehyde resin plywood provides a high level of resistance to moisture and environmental influences, which allows the use of ready-made products in shipbuilding and in the open air. Modern dosing equipment ensures a minimum and the exact amount of glue in the plywood itself, and modern modifiers reduce the content of phenol-formaldehyde component in the adhesive composition, which allows the plywood used for indoor decoration. The use of modern binders produces products that comply with the requirements of Russian and international standards for formaldehyde emission (class E-1 and E-0.5), which is certified by the leading European and American institutions.

Every year, our technological divisions participate in conferences on the environmental safety of resins and wood-based panels for excellence in terms of enhancing environmental performance of products.

Physical and mechanical properties

  • Strength limit at static bending
  • Along fibers of outer layers
    - min 40 MPa
  • across the fibers of outer layers
    -min 15 MPa
  • Deviation in length and width
    +/- 1,5mm
  • Deviation in thickness
    from +/- 0.3 to +1.4/-1.6mm
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Laminated plywood packed in packs of 40 cm high. Supply of products «UPG» by rail, road and water transport to any place in the Russian Federation and worldwide. Thanks to the cooperation with the leading transport companies made deliveries precisely on time.

Specialists of the company developed the optimum scheme delivery and loading of transport, which can speed up product delivery deadlines and avoid unnecessary transportation costs.

The format, mm Automobile transport Railway transport Container shipping
bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3 bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3 bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3
1500*3300 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1500*3000 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1525*3050 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1220*2440 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1250*2500 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -


The high physical and mechanical characteristics of plywood valued first all in construction. Due to longitudinal and transverse direction veneer fibers in the composition of the sheet is achieved increased strength of the finished products, which increases its durability, impact resistance and wear resistance, resistance to various loads.


Plywood is normally used only for the cladding, as bearing cage plywood formwork is often made of metal. Plywood formwork has lower thermal conductivity than metal, it is easier to mount the various elements of. Compared to wood or metal formwork, plywood — has less weight. It is especially advantageous to use a plywood formwork for curved surfaces. Lined with special phenolic films, plywood is particularly property on the surface wear resistance, resistance to corrosive environments, scratch and abrasion. ends Processing waterproof paint provides a barrier to moisture and keeps the ends of the no swelling in a wet environment, so you can use it in any weather conditions all year round

. For proper operation of laminated plywood, the amount of plate use cycles reaches 60–90 rpm, making it laminated plywood the most popular product in the shuttering systems for the construction. Laminated veneer produces smooth the surface of the concrete, which does not require additional plastering. The concrete surface after removal of the formwork according to the specifications requirements, without dark spots, with a uniform color and with a significant a decrease in the number of shells.

Scaffolding, ladders, catwalks, stage

Net cover plywood plate increases the coefficient of friction of the surface prevents slipping, thereby making the laminated plywood with net ideal material for the manufacture of floors of building forests. It is also successfully used for the construction of the formwork. Different formats of sheets you can optimize your the number of joints and fasteners, based on the surface area that is much facilitates installation work.