MDF — fiberboard of average density. This material is a slab compressed wood fine fraction made from dried wood fibers treated with synthetic binders and formed into a carpet, followed by hot pressing (density from 650 to 850 kg/m3); The main binder fiber is lignin, which is released by heating wood. The MDF boards are not used harmful epoxy resins and phenol.

Compared to traditional MDF is a high-quality material. MDF The development was the result of improvements in technology, applied in the manufacture of chipboard. The use of high-quality birch raw MDF production distinguishes YUPG good appearance.

MDF offers excellent performance, quality and closeness to the sustainability of natural wood, and the possibility of special treatment and embossing the surface makes this type of plate production is particularly attractive for the production of high quality furniture.

At present, our company also produces high density MDF, the so-called HDF (HDF — High Density Fiberboard) HDF is a thin sheet of high-density material obtained by hot pressing of the crushed wood fibers; In contrast, MDF, these pressing plates occurs at a higher pressure, that provides greater strength of these products at a relatively small plate thickness.

MDF Grades

Grade 1 is used in the production of doors and door moldings, furniture, semi-finished products for the furniture — facades, furniture moldings, countertops and wall panels. Its smooth and uniform surface perfectly amenable to milling, stained, thin lamination and other types of treatment. Due to its high resistance to moisture MDF used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture. Through processing, the hard sanding and quality control at all stages of production ensures quality MDF surface, which is an important factor in the production of furniture.


FLEX Variety is intended for manufacturing slozhnoizognutyh raznoploskostnyh products. Permissible bending angle is 45 degrees. per linear meter. The most commonly used for the production of decorative elements and the various elements of the door, cabinet and upholstered furniture.


Quality CPR (construction coating plate) at the same 1 variety of physical and mechanical characteristics, has a defect on the surface of the sheet, designed for use in as a packaging material in construction is used for cladding/wall covering, flooring, that is there, which do not require a perfect surface. Also used as a basis for the subsequent cutting to internal parts. Door bearing carcass.

Major defects


Мы производим широкий ассортимент форматов и толщин плиты МДФ для различных сегментов потребления. Мы выпускаем мастер-плиту формата от 1650*5490 мм до 1650*6450 мм которая затем раскраивается в различные форматы: 1650*1830 мм, 1650*2070 мм, 1650*2150 мм, 1650*2200 мм, 1650*2800 мм, 1650*3100 мм, 1650*4050 мм. использование оптимального в раскрое формата позволяет существенно снизить себестоимость выпускаемой продукции потребителем за счет снижения количества отходов путем выбора оптимальной схемыраскроя плиты.





По согласованию с потребителем мы можем произвести специальные форматы и толщины плиты. Минимальная партия — от 300 кбм продукции специальных размеров.


MDF is manufactured using glue based on urea-formaldehyde resin, which provides the necessary level of water resistance of MDF for use indoors.

adhesive Ingredients: — urea concentrate formaldehyde, ammonium chloride, sodium hydroxide, ammonia water, organic silicon anti-foaming agent, kaolin, chalk, rye flour.

The use of binders allows to obtain products that meet the requirements of Russian and international standards for formaldehyde emission (E-1 grade).

Regular cooperation with social institutions and cooperations by attending regular conferences about ecological safety allows us to practise the latest knowledge to secure control of quality and savety of the products.

Physical and mechanical properties

  • Fiberboard density
    650 - 850 kg/m3
  • Swelling in 24 hours
    Not more than 10-15%, depending on the thickness
  • Strength limit at static bending
    18 - 23 N/mm2
  • flexural modulus
    2100-2700 N/mm2
  • Moisture
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MDF boards are packed in packs of height 45 cm. Delivery of products is carried out by RW, trucks and sea transport to any place in the Russian Federation and the world. Due to cooperation with the leading transport companies deliveries are conducted exactly on time. The specialists of the company developed the optimal scheme feeding and loading of transport that can accelerate product delivery deadlines and avoid unnecessary transportation costs.

The format, mm Automobile transport Railway transport Container shipping
bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3 bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3 bundles, pieces Weight, t Volume, m3
1650*1830 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1650*2070 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1650*2135 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1650*2150 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1650*2200 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1650*2800 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -
1650*3100 - 20 - - 65 - - 26 -


MDF has been successfully used in the production of a carcass, kitchen and office furniture, non - standard furniture and in the production of commercial equipment. MDF is widely used for manufacturing of semi - finished furniture ( facades, moldings, countertops ). In construction are used as wall panels, ceiling and laminate flooring. At lower cost and with its ecological and quality properties MDF is similar to natural wood. This ensures its wide use in construction. MDF strength is ensured not only by the use of synthetic resins, but also by presence of natural binders in fiber interaction. Due to higher strength MDF supports furniture accessories much better than particleboard. Due to its high resistance to moisture MDF is used in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom furniture. Under the influence of steam furniture made of MDF does not warp. 

One of the most important and distinctive advantages of MDF is the wide range of technical applications for this material. The surface of MDF is easy to handle, allows to make beautiful panels, rounded corners etc. MDF can be shaped into diverse forms, which broadens options of the manufacturers in furniture construction and design. Finally, due to low formaldehyde emissions MDF is environmentally very friendly material. Currently, ecological standards of materials - is one of the main decision making criteria when choosing the MDF of ‘’ UPG ‘‘ . Furniture production conforms with all ecological standards which are required from materials used, resultantly, MDF can be used for the production of children’s and kitchens furniture.

MDF processing:


MDF is perfectly cut by carbide saws.


When drilling MDF same tools as for plywood and particleboard drilling are used.


Excellent results are achieved when milling edges and surfaces. MDF structure ensures extremely high quality at high processing speeds   


For MDF gluing all available brands of timber adhesives are suitable.


During processing of MDF using grinding belts grain size no more than 100 mkm is recommended, depending on the further processing technology.


Lacquering and painting

MDF finishing technology requires an individual approach depending on the further use.


For gluing, dowel hole should be 0.2 mm larger than the dowel.


The holes for screwing screws must be pre-drilled. It is recommended that the hole and the cross-section of the screw  are the same diameter.


Smooth surface of MDF is ideal for coating with other materials. Brand of glue is selected individually, depending on the technology.